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7 July 2021
Thessaloniki, Greece
NANOTEXNOLOGY 2021 Matchmaking Event

NANOTEXNOLOGY 2021 Matchmaking Event

Promoting Research and Business Partnerships

NANOTEXNOLOGY 2021 will be a Hybrid multi-event, combining Live (On-site) and Virtual (On-line) presentations and participation.

This networking event is organised in the framework of NANOTEXNOLOGY 2021 and it will take place on 7th July 2021, in Thessaloniki, Greece as well as virtually. The event is organised by PRAXI Network, coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network Hellas.

Important notice: All participants need to register for the NANOTEXNOLOGY 2021 Hybrid multi-event in order to participate in the Matchmaking Event.

NANOTEXNOLOGY 2021 is an international multiple event comprising Conference on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, Symposium on Flexible Organic Electronics, International Conference on 3D Printing, 3D Bioprinting, Digital & Additive Manufacturing, Exhibition and Business Forum.

NANOTEXNOLOGY 2021 explores the opportunities in the emerging fields of Nanotechnologies, Organic & Printed Electronics and Nanomedicine. NANOTEXNOLOGY brings together over 2,000 researchers, scientists, engineers, business, technical and policy professionals to promote research and industrial collaborations, identify priorities and strengthen the innovation ecosystem.


Following a pre-arranged schedule of meetings, scientists and entrepreneurs, developers, engineers, as well as companies and end-users of Nanotechnologies & Organic Electronics will be able to review recent developments, identify outstanding needs and solutions for their business

This event aims to provide a unique opportunity for the participating organisations to:

  • Present their know-how and innovative technologies
  • Find new technological solutions
  • Meet potential business partners
  • Find partners for collaborative European R&D projects
  • Meet and establish cross-border contacts

with some of the major actors in the field of Nanotechnologies & Organic Electronics.

Main Topics

  • Flexible and Printed Electronics: Materials, Processes and Applications
  • Nanophotonics, Micro & Nanoelectronics
  • 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing
  • Nanomaterials & Nanobiomaterials
  • Nano-energy, Renewables & Environment
  • Large & Pilot Scale Manufacturing Equipment
  • In-Line Metrology & Zero Defects Manufacturing
  • Nanobio-Medicine, Nanomedicine
  • 3D-Bioprinting & Tissue Engineering
  • Biosensors & Bioelectronics
  • Artificial-Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robotics
  • Internet of Things
  • NanoConstruction & Buildings
  • Smart textiles & Wearable Electronics
  • Nanotechnology & Food, Food Packaging
  • Open Innovation Test Beds
  • Business & Venture
  • Publishing Houses

Reasons to participate

This networking event presents an ideal platform to identify technology and business partners, through pre-arranged meetings. You simply need to register, present yourself, your company or organisation and your technology online and select interesting partners before the event.  For further details go to How to participate.

The earlier you submit your collaboration profile, the more it will be recognized.

Closed since 5 July 2021
Location Porto Palace Conference Centre & Hotel
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Greece 14
Poland 5
France 5
Italy 4
United Kingdom 3
Germany 3
Romania 2
Ireland 2
United States 2
Canada 1
Chile 1
Lithuania 1
Japan 1
Finland 1
Türkiye 1
Ukraine 1
Russia 1
Spain 1
Belgium 1
Sweden 1
Total 51
Start-up 4
Company (SME) 10
Company (Industry) 4
University 17
R&D Institution 12
Association/Agency 1
Other 3
Total 51